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  1. ThisGuyDevin

    You guys should light the police cars up like Christmas Trees. Put some on the bull bars, rear window, front window (in front of the rear view mirror), between both side windows, on the side rear view mirrors, make the tail lights flash, fog lights flash. 

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  2. Wonye

    Heres a few photos that I would love some australian content like below:



    Victorian Divisional Van 


    VF Commodore Highway Patrol


    Police Response Van


    SOG Tank


    The Truck :)



    Another SOG Vechile



    This is a bit more GTA ish but whilst we here:



    Police Lambo :)

  3. J. Walker

    I would love for modders to be able to create their own maps. If they could do this i would love a modder to make a part of England e,g, London, Manchester or Liverpool. For us UK clan people being able to play in our own type of area would be awesome.

  4. Mr. S

    I'd just like to bring up, if the AI is good (which I absolutely believe it will), then you'll have very little need to have real players take the civilian role.

    Even though it's been settled, the face scan is not necessary, and would use a lot of money that can be used for better purposes.

  5. Guest

    1. Too expensive and can lead to legal issues.

    2. Civilian Class or "Bad guy" has been talked about before. It completely defeats the idea of a police simulator. The Simulator will be a realistic insight into the operations of a police officer and if we allowed for people to use the software for none intentional use there will be legal issues.

  6. FrstRspndr

    Image result for RCMP command post


    Here are some ideas if they don't get added to the main game. An AV hummer from CSI:Miami, a police Mobile Command Center of sorts, and a hook and ladder (tiller) truck.

  7. police1013FAN123

    I know you guys are working hard on this I wanted to help by given some ideas just as I think you guys should add a face scanner to scan your own face and put your face in your character (I think only should be added if no bugs are in this idea)

    2.i think you guys should add you as a civilian playing and the cops you know 2 sides (like civ&/cop if you whant to be a cop or a civ) but again (I think only should be added if no bugs are in this idea)

    That's what I can think of right now but I will expand this with more ideas in the feuture I'm not sure in I am speeling that right but yea again keep in mind (I think only should be added if no bugs are in all of theis ideas)