PBL Information. Everything you need to know!

If you have any questions in regards to our Project Blue Line fundraiser this is the thread for you!



Q: After the x amount of days or once the total goal is reached, will the Project Blue Line funding be closed?

A: Nope, we will continue to keep Project Blue Line up and open to the public until we deem it necessary.


Q: After x amount of days goal, or once cash amount has reached Will all Project Blue Line tiers still be available for purchase?

A: Yes, all the same tiers will be available same with backer awards.


Q: Once I have donated, will the funds be used immediately, or after Project Blue Line has closed?

A: The great thing about doing Project Blue Line on our website is that we get to use the fund's straight away, no 60 days waiting.


Q: If I have previously donated to Project Blue Line, and wish to donate again to a higher tier. Can I pay the difference, or will I have to pay the full amount?

A: It depends on the circumstance. For further information, please email Matt Norman at: mattnorman@wingmangames.com


Q: If I want to get a refund on my purchase?

A: As stated in the 'Choose Your Role' section at the bottom of the Project Blue Line page, there is a no refund policy.


Q: I have yet to receive my PBL backer privilege on the forums?

A: Please send a PM Matt Norman via the forums (http://www.police1013.com/forums/index.php?/profile/1-matt-norman/). With the tier you purchased, receipt number (that was sent via email) and the email address you used. Please be sure to supply the following information in the message. email address, date of donation, receipt details and donation method i.e credit card or paypal.