General Rules


Most rules are common sense. It would be impossible to list all the things you could get yourself in trouble for. This page isn't acting as a complete list of all the rules and regulations for the forum. it instead aims to clear up some confusion about those rules that may not be obvious. Be sure to read our guideline threads as well. Just to recap some of our general rules:

  • No flaming or trolling.
  • English is the primary language of this forum. All posts are to be made in English.
  • No love or offensive behavior
  • No spam / Advertising
  • Unnecessary posting ( "don't care", "Alpha" or "TLDR, Or More Importantly ONE WORD RESPONSES")
  • Posts such as I LIKE THIS, I SUPPORT THIS, or GREAT IDEA are redundant. Use the LIKE Button on the side of the post.
  • If you are the last poster, use the edit function before adding a new response to a thread.
  • If a Thread is any older an a Month, Please do not Resurrect a thread, unless you are the OP
  • Users should not use 10 codes, Signals, or Department Slang in posts. As users outside of your area will have no idea what you are talking about. or should be expected to Google "Reno Nevada 10 codes" to get your reference. Remember. K.I.S.S.
  • Users will refrain from posting Anti-Police, or derogatory comments regarding police, of any country. Opinions are to kept to ones self. This is a forum for a game focused on Law Enforcement, not political change.
  • If you see any member breaking any of the forum rules do not reply to their comment, just simply report them.
  • Impersonating a Police Officer is ILLEGAL Members who claim to be Active Law Enforcement Officers and are found otherwise will be subject to a ban. Zero Tolerance.

As a general rule if you wouldn't do it in real life don't do it on the forums.

(Depending on the severity of the posts appropriate actions will be taken)



Piracy & Leaks


Do not post any links to any torrent or streaming sites. We have zero tolerance on this matter.

  • Do not provide links
  • Do not ask for links
  • Do not hint at where to download
  • Do not openly declare or brag about it


Image & Video Posting


Posting large images won't get you banned and wherever possible it's encouraged to post your images in the thread rather than linking to them. But please try to avoid massively

sized images. Obviously if you're posting huge images with the aim of annoying or trolling other forum users you will get banned for it. There is no problem using the media

tags to post videos either and is more than welcomed.


In signatures, Users are allowed no more than 2 Images, and they must be of reasonable size, Images that increase the length of posts or expand a users signature beyond average size will be removed, continued usage will result in the removal of the users right to have a signature



NSFW Content


If you are going to post NSFW content in either video, or image forum. It has to be a link (taking into account the listed points above), not in image or media tags. Also make sure you label such content as NSFW.

Content that is considered NSFW is fine to post on these forums as long as they are in the right context:

  • High violent content
  • Content containing high profanity.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to post nudity or pornography on these forums. Even if labeled as NSFW.




Forum Signature Content


Signatures should not contain more than two (2) Images in them or be unnecessarily large in size.

Images larger than 600x200 will be removed.

Offensive pictures will not be tolerated

Account Policies

Users are not permitted to have multiple accounts per IP address/Email

If there is a problem with a Account contact a staff member through PM or though Teamspeak.

Users found with multiple accounts will have their duplicates banned and on a case by case basis may have the original banned as well.

Be aware that if you break any of the rules above, forum staff have the right to take appropriate action as they see fit. This post is subject to change over time.