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  1. BionicMan79 » Matt Norman

    Hey Matt, I just donated another $60.  I just want to make sure it gets added to my previous donation.  Thanks.  My email is

    1. Matt Norman

      Yes your new number is 8123. Your first number has been deleted. It's now been added. Thanks again for your support.

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    2. BionicMan79

      Thank you, and I plan on continuing to donate as I can until the PBL is closed.  Keep up the great work and can't wait for the ALPHA!!

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  2. Matt Norman

    Please spread the word about Project Blue line.

    1. Officer Kellrose1

      Will try! Only if we can get Jeff to spread the word!


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  3. Jakenack1013 » Matt Norman

    Hey I have a question your making the pc version first ???when and if you make console version after pc how does that work do you have to make it all over from scratch or do you just transport everything from pc onto console game with a few different things ???

  4. Matt Norman

    Developer Diary 8 is now out

    1. Connor B.

      Fantastic work. Very proud!

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  5. Matt Norman

    Teamspeak now has a music chill out area. Come chill!

    1. jonathan0220

      Thanks its working out great.

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  6. Matt Norman

    New beginnings, New Year, New rules, New me.

    1. WNxArcticwolf

      new rules?

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    2. Officer_Caleb

      Cool. New is always New. :)

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  7. cataplasia » Matt Norman

    Tad late but happy birthday mate!

  8. Matt Norman

    Thanks for all the b'day wishes! You all rock!

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    2. Mr. S

      You rock in your Crown Victoria! knowing how much you love that police cruiser. I can see Police 1013 being a great game, keep it up! and with the help of the Comminuty Developers Branch along with you and the team i hope the game will be ready for an Alpha before Late 2016, perhaps Mid 2016! Hope you had a great birthday.

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    3. Tokimune

      You deserve it bud.

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    4. Scotsman

      A belated HB man! Hope you had a good time!

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  9. megakillen13 » Matt Norman

    Happy birthday, from an Austrian to an Australian! :D

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    2. megakillen13

      Lol, I thought of that aswell, considered it as a username actually. :P

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    3. echo 25

      ha ha ha

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    4. echo 25

      I just found out this: ._. looks like that dedotated wam kids face after he asks that question.

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  10. Tokimune » Matt Norman

    Happy birthday, Matt!

  11. Matt Norman

    If you're an artist join our DEV BRANCH ONLINE

  12. Matt Norman

    New Dev branch and Mod branch sections in the forum.

  13. Matt Norman

    Production is getting closer... ;)

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    2. joel-6


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    3. EddzDevon

      Such good news Matt.Thank you for the update. Edward.


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    4. Trust37

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  14. Matt Norman

    Getting closer and closer to production!!!

    1. WNxArcticwolf

      so you got new info since your news post?

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  15. Matt Norman

    Thanks for all the kind words re the Dev Diary. I'm glad you guys liked it.

  16. LVPD119 » Matt Norman

    Thank you for the Honor Roll.

    1. Matt Norman


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  17. Matt Norman

    The new webpage is up and running. Check it out

    1. Officer Alexis

      I like the new webpage, good work! :)

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    2. Sgt.Golden

      It does look nice, again nice work.

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  18. Matt Norman

    The business side of Police1013 is taking off. Looking forward to more great stuff coming soon.

    1. Skippy

      Good luck!

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  19. Matt Norman

    Join us on

  20. Matt Norman

    Starting work on the CITY!! Look forward to building this great landscape

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    2. specter14

      good luck

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    3. SergeantInterceptorMan

      I can't wait! Best of luck.

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    4. n3o

      Body is ready.

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  21. Matt Norman

    Teaser video almost complete

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MrGalaxy

      shut up and take my money!!!!

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    3. TheDman131


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    4. Skippy

      Stop teasing me man!

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  22. Ethan » Matt Norman

    Hey mate, I tried to PM you, tho they're disabled for your profile. I was looking to reply to your thread regarding device integration but it's locked. I was just wondering if it was intentional or force of habit. I just wanted to add a part about the iPhone/iPad integration. You could also design the app to be in control of switches in patrol cars, without having to loose the fun of the roleplay by using hotkeys.

  23. Matt Norman

    CryEngine now delivers the best game we can make..

  24. Matt Norman

    Police 10-13 starts a new chapter toward release.