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  1. thecheater887 » n3o

    I am seeing a few "thread locked"'s posts from you. Could you please at least specify a reason in your posts as to why your are locking it?


    I understand you have your reasons, but the community doesn't know, so they wil rinse, repeat, and eventually revolt.


    -Fellow mod speaking

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    2. thecheater887

      For instance: http://www.police1013.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2391-free-for-registered-users-before-game-launched/&do=findComment&comment=17659


      As a mod, I can clearly see what the reason was, yet as a user, I am unable to. That is my main concern here.

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    3. megakillen13

      I'm a user, I understand it perfectly fine. 

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    4. thecheater887

      Yea, but, you're not the typical, everyday can-only-click-a-mouse-and-some-keys user. You're more advanced and Cyber Intelligent, so you don't count.

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