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  1. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE looks so smexy! Shame my contract is not up till the end of next year.

    Did you hear that they removed the ability to remove the SD card and battery from the S6? They're locked into the device. Makes me really sad, was a huge selling point for me getting my S5.

  2. I feel like I haven't been that active lately, but now I'm back in the game! :D

    Welcome back :)

  3. Hi, guys, started a new clan, website still under development, message for details!

    Good luck Ben! Make sure you post in our Bulletin Board forums to get your clan some exposure. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Ossified!

    Thanks! :)

  5. Canadian Police Gaming Clan (CPGC) is now in operation! Let me know if you're interested!

    Congratulations on the formation of your clan! Feel free to add your clan's information to the Bulletin Board forum section.

  6. Passed the physical/written test for the local PD. Got an interview next week!

    Congrats bryon!

  7. BRA 1 - 7 GER FINALE, OH OH!

    Yeah that was a really rough game to watch, and really sad too!

  8. Just got back from a trip to Amsterdam, thats why i have been less active.

    Welcome back Skippy! Thought the forums have seemed pretty quiet recently ;)

  9. i just created an account and need to talk to some friends

    Welcome to the forums jordan! Familiarize yourself with our FAQ, and start posting! You'll make some friends :)

  10. As this past week has been a tough one in the world of LEO's, I ask that when this post is read you take a moment of silence to remember those Officers of Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and RCMP who gave their lives so that others may stay safe. God bless there families and may they rest easy knowing LEO's everywhere will have their watch from here.

    Thank you for your kind comment, jayblank.

  11. Ugh... teaser got deplayed for 12 hours.

    Also - Thank you for your patience!

  12. Ugh... teaser got deplayed for 12 hours.

    Yup, stay tuned!

  13. Teaser video almost complete

    Can't wait!

  14. When the game comes out if it does what may the computer specs be I'm just curious

    For now, refer to default specs on cry engine.

  15. Hahahaha your signature! That guy was so funny lol, I actually was watching Cops on that episode!

    It's a shame they made us get rid of our signatures, yours had me rolling. xD