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  1. Whitestone » Ossified

    What part of NC do ya live in? I live in NC too! 

  2. Ossified

    I like to make status updates

  3. Ossified

    Just hit our 1000th member on the forums. We love you all <3

    1. GSP RIOT

      ^ haha

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    2. Matt Norman

      Well done to all.

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  4. Ossified » Houston

    Congrats on being the second Corporal :P

    1. Houston

      Lol, thanks.

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  5. Ossified

    First to corporal! The no life status...

  6. Ossified » MattvFF

    Hahahaha your signature! That guy was so funny lol, I actually was watching Cops on that episode!

    1. MattvFF

      Lolz :D Awesome man! xD Yeah.. that was probably the funniest thing, I've ever seen! Lololo

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    2. Ossified

      It's a shame they made us get rid of our signatures, yours had me rolling. xD

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