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  1. PatrickNL

    Calm and refreshed.

  2. PatrickNL

    Checking out the forum after long time.

  3. PatrickNL

    Just saying something because i didn't say something in a while so i say it now, okay, say.

    1. Tokimune

      You've had a long brake on Status feed.

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    2. Scotsman

      Could have said something interesting instead of some incoherent nonsense. The Status Feed is not there for you to post a comment to state that you haven't posted on it, it's completely unnecessary. Not only do you not have to comment on the Status Feed (and I recommend that you don't, as previous comments show that you have nothing worthwhile to say). You have again cluttered up the Status Feed with rubbish. .

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  4. PatrickNL

    Catching a donut

  5. PatrickNL

    Looking for a donut and coffee.

  6. PatrickNL

    Waiting for the new trailer.