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    8th grade... You start thinking how will 9th grade be. Maybe not that bad. But then you get to know that your school will be shut down after you finish 8th grade.

    You start thinking: "What if my friends will be on other classes? What if all my friends go to a different school? What if bullies come to the same class as I do? Why haven't I asked that girl out yet, soon it will be too late."

    Next day you ask your friends that will they go to the same school as you. Almost everyone says "no". Others move to another city, others just don't come to the same school.

    Then you start thinking: "Is this how this goes?"

    No good friends at the new school, a bigger school, more bullies and all that.



    But still, this all will be worth it for later on. 

    The school where I will be changing will be worse.

    The city was supposed to save 10 million €, but, they decided to build two, small schools for 27 million €, which will be twice smaller than our school combined. It would have costed 10m € to repair our school, but they had to save money. For what? To build 2 maller schools which will still be smaller if combined. And the funny thing is that the schools will be 3-4KM away from eachother... Welcome to Finland


    And getting new friends in Finnish schools is hard, since almost everyone is "swag" and "tough".


    But it all will be worth it.

    A long post, but hey, who cares?