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  1. Tokimune

    A Finnish Police officer was assaulted in a prison in Helsinki. He is fighting for his life.

    It all started when the police officer was going to question the prisoner, the guard led them to the interrogation room. After the guard left the room, the prisoner somehow got his hands to chair leg and hit the police officer. He kept hitting the police officer in rage for 15 minutes until the officer was able to hit the alarm button that was somewhere on the floor/ground level in the wall. All the officer was able to do to defend himself was to cover himself with his hands. Most of the hits hit the officers head.


    After 15 minutes, the guards came and took the prisoner away. '


    I hope the officer will be alright.

    1. Officer_Caleb

      We certainly hope the Officer is Ok. My thoughts are with the family of the Officer. It is never good when this Happens.

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