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About Me


My name is Tokimune, real name Kaius. I am from Finland.

I like to watch anime and read manga. I also go to Animecons and such. I have a huge interest in Law Enforcement and Military.

If you ever want to talk with me, just PM me or add me on Steam: Tokimune. - I am usually always online on Steam.

I am fair, I always tell the truth, I am nice, but I will not accept anyone calling me an idiot or something. I also won't accept people making fun of Finland or any of my friends. I never accept bullying. I do not accept crime.


I am very good in English, even tho there might me misspellings. I do also speak some Swedish, Italian, Japanese and German, but not that well. I am still learning Swedish.

Finland is a beautiful country, isn't that right?