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  1. Tokimune

    Zootopia was amazing. I love it. Wish I could see it again. :P

  2. Tokimune

    I will get Sergeant Tier #1. Good enough for me.

  3. Tokimune

    Finnish firefighter Joonas Mäkipelto in Guinness Book of Records for doing 5,050 pull-ups in 24hrs. His hands after: 

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Congratulations Firefighter Joonas Makipelto!!!

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    2. Ace


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  4. Tokimune

    A Finnish Police officer was assaulted in a prison in Helsinki. He is fighting for his life.

    It all started when the police officer was going to question the prisoner, the guard led them to the interrogation room. After the guard left the room, the prisoner somehow got his hands to chair leg and hit the police officer. He kept hitting the police officer in rage for 15 minutes until the officer was able to hit the alarm button that was somewhere on the floor/ground level in the wall. All the officer was able to do to defend himself was to cover himself with his hands. Most of the hits hit the officers head.


    After 15 minutes, the guards came and took the prisoner away. '


    I hope the officer will be alright.

    1. Officer_Caleb

      We certainly hope the Officer is Ok. My thoughts are with the family of the Officer. It is never good when this Happens.

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  5. Tokimune



    lol :D

  6. Tokimune » Jay F.

    Hyvvee syntymäpäevee! (Happy Birthday!)

  7. Tokimune

    Year 2016 has started great fir Finland. Finland won the Junior Ice Hockey World Championship! They did great and worked hard for it. SUOMI PERKELE!


    Of course Sweden and other countries did their best.


    Finland won both our west-and east neighbours.

  8. Tokimune

    Happy new year!

    1. Lieutenant Colombo

      Happy New Year! Sir Toki!

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    2. Tokimune

      Thanks Colombo! :D

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  9. Tokimune

    Probably gunna do an LSPDFR video as soon as GTA V has re-installed.

  10. Tokimune

    Saw the new Start Wars movie and it was awesome! :D

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    2. Tokimune

      Yup. And I believe that there will be another one coming, due how this one ended.

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    3. AlphaK

      -- SPOILER ALERT -- 




      Yeah it will probably Luke training Rey and starting a new Jedi Order.

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    4. Tokimune


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  11. Tokimune

    Changed to Widows 10, and can't say it's bad. It's great!

  12. Tokimune

    Happy holidays! I'm gunna sleep til 12PM so I don't have to wait for my Computer parts for long. :3

  13. Tokimune

    8th grade... You start thinking how will 9th grade be. Maybe not that bad. But then you get to know that your school will be shut down after you finish 8th grade.

    You start thinking: "What if my friends will be on other classes? What if all my friends go to a different school? What if bullies come to the same class as I do? Why haven't I asked that girl out yet, soon it will be too late."

    Next day you ask your friends that will they go to the same school as you. Almost everyone says "no". Others move to another city, others just don't come to the same school.

    Then you start thinking: "Is this how this goes?"

    No good friends at the new school, a bigger school, more bullies and all that.



    But still, this all will be worth it for later on. 

    The school where I will be changing will be worse.

    The city was supposed to save 10 million €, but, they decided to build two, small schools for 27 million €, which will be twice smaller than our school combined. It would have costed 10m € to repair our school, but they had to save money. For what? To build 2 maller schools which will still be smaller if combined. And the funny thing is that the schools will be 3-4KM away from eachother... Welcome to Finland


    And getting new friends in Finnish schools is hard, since almost everyone is "swag" and "tough".


    But it all will be worth it.

    A long post, but hey, who cares?


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    2. Tokimune

      Well, maybe it will not be so bad.

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    3. schultz

      I think it can be pretty good to switch school to get some new friends and whatever. 3-5km is not bad my schools is ca 10m to a elementary school and 500m to a university.

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  14. Tokimune

    Now there are three Finns on the forums. Interesting... We will take over! lol, jk

  15. Tokimune

    Now every department of Finnish Emergency services is taking on the break workout challenge...

  16. Tokimune

    Finnish police break workout challenge is getting hilarious. This is how they do it in my hometown:

    *If you don't understand it, it might be because you're not a Finn*


    1. megakillen13

      I love videos of cops (and other professions for that matter) acting like five year olds, it shows that they're human just like the rest of us. :P

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    2. Scotsman

      Some say that Scots are close to being Scandinavian enough to understand the humour of you lot, Tokimune :) Can't say that I disagree with that statement! That was hilarious and no doubt you've got people complaining about it already of them not doing their job and just messing around. They're only human as Megakillen said! 

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  17. Tokimune

    If you want to add me on Steam, go ahead. My current Steam name is [VL] Victor

  18. Tokimune

    I have been a member on the forums for one year and five months. 

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    2. Tokimune

      Hod on, hold on, you have 7 accounts? Why?

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    3. Officer_Caleb

      That is great. :)

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    4. Lieutenant Colombo

      Its great to have you round! I really do respect you being here Mr.Toki sir!


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  19. Tokimune

    Not so sure should my game be F2P or should it be 20€...

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    2. Karma


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    3. nicedude80

      You have a game?Do you have a website or something?

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    4. Tokimune

      I do not have a website for it yet. And with couple of things, I mean, a lot of things. xD

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  20. Tokimune

    Now there are two Finns on the forums. 

    1. Scotsman

      Who's the other? 

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    2. Tokimune


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  21. Tokimune

    Atlanta Emergency Services Clan looking for new members. Especially for Medical Services and Fire Department, but it does not mean you can't join any other department.

  22. Tokimune

    Discord is amazing

    1. Karma

      lol Yes, it is!!!

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  23. Tokimune

    Re-opened the Atlanta clan. :D

  24. Tokimune

    Making a M4A1 is fun with Blender, only if I could make the magazine better...

    1. Tokimune

      Oh, sorry, didn't notice our reply. Sure, at some point, I just have to polish it a bit more. :)

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