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  1. Tokimune » Matt Norman

    Happy birthday, Matt!

  2. Tokimune

    Well, now anyone who can speak English can join, if he/she if at least 14.

  3. Tokimune

    My vacation in Italy has been perfect so far. Restaurants are perfect. Four days and I will return to Finland.

    1. echo 25

      Enjoy the rest of your time. Have a safe travel!

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    2. Connor B.

      Stay safe bud! Enjoy it with your family and not by yourself!! Hehe ūüėÄ

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  4. Tokimune » schultz

    Happy birthday!

    1. schultz

      Thanks man!

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  5. Steele1925 » Tokimune

    Happy Birthday ;)

    1. Tokimune

      Thank you!

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  6. Tokimune

    I will leave to Italy next Monday and will be there for 10 days.  So, I might not be online that much.

  7. Tokimune » Guest

    Happy birthday, mate!

  8. Tokimune » C5

    Hello there my friend and happy birthday!

  9. Tokimune

    So happy with my new graphics card. 620 will be going to my PC in Italy.

    Nvidia Geforce 960gtx

    Arma 3 = 60fps = Ultra

    ETS2 = 55-60fps = Ultra

    GTA V = 45-60fps = Highest

    GTA IV = 50-60fps = Highest


    Nvidia Geforce 620

    Arma 3 = 7-20fps = Low

    ETS2 = 30fps = Medium

    GTA V = 35-40fps = Low

    GTA IV = 0fps, game didn't work = Any


    Now my computer is good!

  10. Tokimune

    52 rep... Not bad, thank you!

  11. Tokimune

    R.I.P Little Girl,

    Your death shall not be forgotten. 



    I'm crying here. This makes me real sad.

  12. Tokimune

    Time to go airsofting!

  13. Tokimune » The_aborator

    Thanks for creating the forums for our clan. :) I appreciate it. Thank you!

  14. Tokimune

    A police car was flipped to it's side in Kotka, Finland. First a car crashed in to a pole and then rammed the police cars side. No one got hurt.

  15. Tokimune

    Small updates

    I'll be leaving Italy on 13.8.15, so I wont be online for 3-4 days.

    My clan has been extended to Xbox ONE. Feel free to join.

    Even more hyped for P10-13 after thinking the possibilities that clan customization will offer. Car livery customizing, uniform customizing and so on... And before I got to know about this stuff, I thought that we would need to use Photoshop or something like that to make Uniforms and liveries. 

    Not sure, but I might start model modding to P10-13, ASAP.

    And one more thing. The town I'm staying till 13.8, theres been an ATM robbery and a Money Truck robbery, which is very rare here. Both robberies made by same robbers. They used stolen buses to block the police from arriving to the scene. No Info about them yet. :/ That sucks

    But that's that. Happy gaming everyone.


  16. Tokimune

    Having problems with my PC in Italy. Wont be very active for a while, before I fix the problems.

  17. Tokimune

    Just realized that I'm a Corporal on the forums now. :D

  18. Tokimune

    Leaving to Italy on 20.7

  19. Tokimune

    My future plans for Police 10-13

    - Start Skin modding 

    - Start Modeling 

    - Start scripting

    - Start hosting servers for the clan

    - Start using server side skin mods and scripts

    Yeah, everything is a start


  20. Tokimune

    Back from Animecon!

  21. Tokimune

    A guy in Finland shot at a Police car that was watching  traffic. In court he said that he was not trying to shoot at the officers. Only damage the car. His sentence was lowered. No one got injured

  22. Tokimune

    Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend...

  23. WNxArcticwolf » Tokimune

    the forums will be its the weekend

  24. Tokimune

    Forums still quiet. 

  25. Tokimune

    "Friends" turned their back at me. They didn't even care... I guess I don't have any friends in real life. Only in internet... :(

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    2. Tokimune

      I rather not talk about it... 

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    3. megakillen13

      Yes you do, otherwise you wouldn't have posted this publicly so that everyone can see it. ;)

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    4. Hollistupid

      Ahh cheer up, you need not worry.  We lose friends and always make news ones no matter how low things go.

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