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My name is Larry Gibbons, this is my online alias for all platforms I play on. I am a 17 year old gamer from Detroit, Michigan. I am an IT Administrator for a local Japanese company which specializes in automotive parts and medical foam. I am a Cadet Sheriff with my local Sheriff's department and I love to volunteer my time to help others. I am involved with many online communities, but I love to keep most of my time with my Police 10-13 community, the New York Emergency Services Clan.



I am the Captain of the 59th Precinct within the NYES Clan. The 59th Precinct specializes in Marine Patrols as well as General Duties.

The New York Emergency Services Clan is a multicultural clan based in New York City, for the most serious of roleplayers. We are the FIRST dedicated Police 10-13 Clan ever created and we are proud to still be here. Our Clan has many members from all around the globe, from Europe to Asia, as well as from North to South America. We are the fastest growing and most developed clan out there. We welcome all gamers and roleplay enthusiasts from around the world to join our Clan and experience an amazing simulation which you cannot find anywhere else online. We aim for immersion and that is what we provide to all of our members! Visit our website to find out more information!