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    Police, aviation, K-9 dogs, Columbo (obviously xD) LSPDFR, Old Music 50s. 60s (Elvis Presley mainly) 70s 80s, SOME modern music, Old movies, mainly war movies, Quentin Tarantino movies like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir dogs, etc. James Bond fan, love all the old and new films. Starsky And Hutch, 1-Adam 12. Gaming, computer technology.

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  1. Lieutenant Colombo

    Cant wait for LSPDFR 0.3! I am also custom building a new PC, soon, your probably thinking, "OMG? Columbo knows about custom building PCs?" Well, we all have to evolve at some point.. ;) But I'm always going to carry a pencil and notebook to make notes, not using this tablet with Memo on it rubbish, ;) Those are my random thoughts and events atm, and happy thanks giving to my great American friends in the USA!

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    2. Special Agent Coulter

      What's your budget? I'll set up a part list

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    3. megakillen13

      My friend set this up for me, can you guys tell me if it's any good? I have a budget of around 800 euros.

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    4. schultz

      It looks pretty good, you could look into the 380 and depending on how tight your budget a SSD.

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