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  1. Jellybean

    The Divergent Series: Allegiant is being released on April 14th in Australia.

    Considering I have watched both of the pre-sequel movies, Divergent and Insurgent 14 times, no I will not be active on the forums on this day.


  2. Jellybean

    I think $89.95 is a fair deal, considering that price caters for the alpha, beta, full release and the 2 DLCs (Fire and EMS). Hearing that the pricing estimate has been released, it makes me even more excited for the product. Looking forward to it!


    1. jonathan0220

      most games in the us are at $59.99 on initial release.. maybe see if that's a good minimum. the $89 and up for DLC and collectors editions sounds decent.

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  3. Jellybean » Biohazard

    Happy birthday!

    1. megakillen13

      It isn't the 31st here yet, but Happy Birthday in advance! :D

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