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  • Interests I'm Interested in: Police-Fire-EMS. I love Stragety and Military Tactics. Also like: Rescue Everyday Heroes and Minecraft. :)

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  1. Officer_Caleb

    Found this and it was a Awesome Find:

  2. Officer_Caleb

    I'll be in San Antonio for 2 weeks. So, I will not be able to get on the Forums! See you all soon. :P

  3. Officer_Caleb

    That moment when you realize the First test for the EMT Course is 100 Questions. XD

  4. Officer_Caleb

    Hello Police 10-13 Community! If you are a Designer and Interested in doing so Patch and Design stuff, Please feel free to Contact me on the Forums and would love to tell you What I need help with. Thanks, Officer_Caleb. :)

  5. Officer_Caleb » Kerry

    Well, I am glad to have found someone who Also Likes Adam-12! :)

    1. Kerry

      Yup! I've watched every episode on Netflix, and I still go back to rewatch it. I also watch Emergency some times, but Adam-12 is much better. :D

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    2. Officer_Caleb

      I wis they didn't take Adam-12 off of Netflix. I watch Emergency, Adam-12, Dragnet, and Quincy M.E. Also. :)

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    3. Kerry

      They took Adam-12 off of Netflix!?! 

      Then again, I haven't seen it since 2015. :/

      I watched a bit of Dragnet, though Jack Webb's smoky voice can get a bit annoying sometimes.

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  6. Officer_Caleb

    Today Officer Jason Moszer was Laid to Rest. He was Killed in the Line of duty by a Gunman while setting up a Perimeter at the incident. He was a Armed Forces Member and served 2 Tours of Duty. He served with the Fargo, ND. Police Department for 6 Years before being Killed in the Line of Duty. He was Given full Military and Police Honors. EOW: Feb. 11, 2016 at: 12:42 PM. May he find rest in God our Savior.

  7. Officer_Caleb

    I would Like to say Really Love the new Design of the Website. Great job Developers. :P

  8. Officer_Caleb » Lieutenant Colombo

    Just wanted to say Lt.Colombo, That you have peaked my Interest in the TV show and I am going to start watching it. :P

    1. Lieutenant Colombo

      Fantastic Mr.Caleb, You shall not be disappointed in the amazing character that Peter Falk created, over the many decades. I am glad I gave you interest in the show ;)

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  9. Officer_Caleb

    Hello Police1013 Members and Community! I wanted to say that i know there are many Clans to choose From. If you are looking for a Active, Mature, and Professional clan the Canadian Police gaming Clan ( We have our Very Active Hangouts group, and many things to offer our Members. So stop by Check us out. From: Officer_Caleb, Director, ECC. :D

    1. Officer_Caleb

      I forgot to put the the CPGC is the place for you. Lol.


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  10. Officer_Caleb

    I would like to Thank the Members of the Canadian Police Gaming Clan for my Promotion to Director, Emergency Communications Center. Thank-You guys. :D

  11. Officer_Caleb

    One of my Favorite Police shows of all time is Adam-12. Just one of those Shows that makes you feel good about what Police do everyday. It shows the Good and bad. If you haven't watched it, I would definitely Encourage you to watch it. :)

  12. Officer_Caleb

    Just to wanted let People on the Forums know, That I would love to talk to some of you All on TeamSpeak. So let me know. :P

  13. Officer_Caleb

    I would like to offer my Apologies for one of my Posts. I didn't present it Properly and for that I am very Sorry. I in no way was trying to offend anyone and i came off the Wrong way. again, i am very Sorry.

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Well, I feel I should be Sorry for doing something Unintentionally. Thanks for your words tho. :)

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  14. Officer_Caleb

    EMS...... Love it!!! :P

  15. Officer_Caleb

    Somedays I wish I had the Ability and passion to Design things, One think I know I am good at is being a Leader. Where to put my Skills are a Great Question. :)

  16. Officer_Caleb

    Merry Christmas Police 10-13!!! IT has been a Awesome Year with you guys. I hope and Pray everyone has a Safe and happy Holidays. :P

  17. Officer_Caleb

    If anyone on the Forums wants a Great Minecraft server with Awesome Staff, Great Community, and Ver mature. Let me Know. I would love to play with you onMineCraft. :P

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Also the Server is Mature Meaning: No Swearing. Most Profanity is not Tolerated in Public Chat and if in PM you could be Reported via our Forums also for Private Messaging-Swearing. :)

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    2. Iceman 918

      IF you have the Xbox One, I think you would be incredibly impressed with the community we've begun construction on. I run San Andreas State Role Play ( and have comprised a moderately sized team of like minded individuals that role play the hell outta GTA V but also have helped me create a very impressive "state" in Mincecraft. Let me know, we'd be glad to have you.

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    3. Officer_Caleb

      I don't have Xbox One or GTA 5. I don't play GTA because of the rating. I am very impressed with the LSPDRF community they have done a Awesome Job with the Modding. Thank-You for the Invite tho. :)

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  18. Officer_Caleb

    If anyone was Curious, My profile Picture is what Clone Medics where on there Shoulder patch on there Armor. :)

  19. Officer_Caleb

    Love the New posters for Police 10-13 they look amazing!! Great Job and keep it up. :)

  20. Officer_Caleb

    Learned about the "70 maxims" today from someone and i like this one: "Close Air Support covers a Multitude of Sins". I  just wanted to share that one with you guys. :)

  21. Officer_Caleb

    Hopefully Waiting to see if the Possibility of getting Police 1013, For Macs. Totally Hoping and Praying that it Happens. Keep on Doing you best Wingman, Keep on Doing!!! :)

  22. Officer_Caleb

    First Snowfall of the Year!!! Had some awesome weather Reporting this Morning. Let me know if you all Got any Snow?? :)

    1. megakillen13

      North Dakota gets snow before Sweden...? That's not fair!


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    2. Officer_Caleb

      Yes!! I wil. XD.


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  23. Officer_Caleb

    It is absolutely great to be apart of a community at the Start of Creating a Fantastic game that I think will Rise above Many Games and create a New Generation of Simulation games. I am also very Excited to see that the Development Team has a Official Composer!! So, Congratulations Anthony and Welcome aboard!! :)

  24. Officer_Caleb

    Now I am wondering why I have those things on my Signature for the Forums?? If anyone can Help that Would be Great. :)

    1. megakillen13

      What things?

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    2. Scotsman

      "-(Rct) Officer_Caleb, CPGC. Badge #151." is the only thing on your signature? 

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    3. Officer_Caleb

      Ok. Thank-you. I saw on my Signature that it had 2 Questions mark things on them.


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  25. Officer_Caleb » Calder

    Happy Birthday. :)

    1. Calder


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