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  1. Officer Kellrose1

    50 Likes :D Thats A milestone to remember. 

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      I wish you my best congratulations sir! I respect the contributions you have made to this fantastic community! Thank you sir! ;)

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    3. Jellybean

      You deserve it mate. Well done.

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    4. Officer Kellrose1

      Thank, you :D

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  2. Officer Kellrose1

    Congrats to n3o On His 1,000 Likes Great Job.

  3. Officer Kellrose1

    I Sent A PM, For Mod. Hope I Get it wish me luck!

  4. Officer Kellrose1

    Hey! Guys I want to Say Happy New year this was A BIG year for the dev's. And Us I Like to thank the Dev's For Creating this Amazing Game! And Even the Forum Officer's I Want to thank you all For great Suggestion's To make this Game great! C: 

    God Bless

    ~Officer Kellrose1

  5. Officer Kellrose1

    Welcome Back Calder! 

  6. Officer Kellrose1

    Sorry I been inactive!!!! I was so busy with thanksgiving and my moms funeral! BTW happy late Thanksgiving...

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    2. police guy

      Nice moral! (: Must be a hard time for you Kellrose? But stick to that moral mate! (:

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    3. Officer Kellrose1

      Tbh, Im Not Sad. He doing Well Its christmas Heck, Im out of School Which Makes It 10 times better. Im Happy Doing fine, Me And My friends Son Aren't close, So its not to bad Of a Scare Just Fell bad for him. Just In Case you think Im Grown Im only 12 My mom and Dad Is her friend So Am I C: Ty! for Supporting me.

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    4. police guy

      Ok, good to hear. :p

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  7. Officer Kellrose1

    CONGRATS To tacti on his 1000 likes...

  8. Officer Kellrose1

    Hey, guys I have some bad news... My dad's mom is dieing She was found in her room unresponsive she was cold with her mouth open. I'm very sad right now! She is at the hospital right now, I Ask for your guys prayers. Thank you


    God Bless! 

    ~Officer Kellrose1

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    2. Karma

      Any time man

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    3. joel-6

      Very sorry to hear that. My condolences. Prayers go out to you and your family

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    4. ShadyCB

      I'm sorry for your loss! :( may God rest her soul. If you would like to talk to someone or anything, send me a message. I'm always here. :)

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  14. Officer Kellrose1

    Just want to thank EVERYBODY/ Admins. For makeing Great suggestions, For you admins thanks for Helping/Building the game. God Bless

    ~Officer Kellrose1