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  1. Steele1925

    It's been 1 month since I quit smoking. I can honestly say, I'm happy with my decision ;)

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    2. joe_trev

      Congrats! Only thing is it will take 20 years to fully recover from smoking :P

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    3. Steele1925

      I can't undue the damage done Joe. After 21 years (yeah I started young) of being a smoker, all I can do is be certain that I don't do any more damage. Though I must say I do feel much better. I don't wake up coughing anymore, and my sense of taste and smell are MUCH better. I'm in love with coffee now more than ever. If you don't smoke now, DON'T. It wasn't easy to quit. It took at least 20,000 tries over the years.

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