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  1. joe_trev

    For one mission bombing Syria (UK) its costs £508,000, which can get: 20 Paramedics, 20 Police Officers, 20 Teachers, 19 Nurses, 18 Firefighters and 18 Junior Doctors for ONE mission. Its Crazy!

    1. megakillen13

      Which can get those people for how long? They're not a one time purchase. :P

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    2. Scotsman

      Absolutely opposed to these bombings and even more Western involvement in the ME. You cannot bomb an ideology; radical action is needed to defeat a radical problem. None of our leaders have the balls to stand up to the problem, except those that are ostracized and called a love, xenophobic or some other idiotic term that those on the Left tend to bring up to silence anyone that has some common sense and wants to protect themselves and their society. 

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