Status Updates

  1. swaggypiecat

    Just joined the forum, very excited to be here. I cannot wait until the Xbox One version comes out, and I will wait however long it takes.

    1. gambino

      well save me a seat i will be waiting right with you and welcome

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  2. LVPD119

    Blowing the dust off the SFPD Policy Manual and working on it again.

  3. Lieutenant Colombo

    200 community reputation! Thank you so much everyone! It means alot to me, that you all enjoy what I do here in the community, and thank you all for the support with the cinematics this year. Heres to more good times!

  4. Sheriff

    Can't Wait Till Go 10-8 🚔👮🏽

  5. TacticalTakedwn

    Donated $50 to Project Blue Line today!

    feeling excited and broke

    1. gambino



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  6. Officer Skylar

    Hey guys, I'm glad to be in the community!

  7. WheatleyOne



  8. D00nis » sss211

    Smonka da w33d yis?

  9. Officer_Caleb

    Found this and it was a Awesome Find:

  10. Officer_Caleb

    I'll be in San Antonio for 2 weeks. So, I will not be able to get on the Forums! See you all soon. :P

  11. BionicMan79 » Matt Norman

    Hey Matt, I just donated another $60.  I just want to make sure it gets added to my previous donation.  Thanks.  My email is

    1. Matt Norman

      Yes your new number is 8123. Your first number has been deleted. It's now been added. Thanks again for your support.

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    2. BionicMan79

      Thank you, and I plan on continuing to donate as I can until the PBL is closed.  Keep up the great work and can't wait for the ALPHA!!

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  12. FLEO.Nate

    Police 10-13

  13. sss211

    Last night was "lit", a bunch of people were on the Police 10-13 Teamspeak and was amazing, The Chief himself and his right hand man, Anthony joined to say hello. I would like this to happen more often, with the community coming together having a blast.

    If you happen to be a Project Blue Line member, might want to start getting used to coming on ts3, as PBL Q&A's will be happening sometime when they decide to do it.

    If you are not a Project Blue Line member, I encourage you to back the game, it'll be more than worth it if you are truly into this game!

  14. Complain

    Can`t Wait!

  15. ArrowXTmstR

    I Love Explorer Interceptors :P

    1. Alex Topalis

      so do i, they are pretty cool vehicles 2016 ones are nice

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    2. ArrowXTmstR

      The Taurus's aren't bad either

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    3. Alex Topalis

      yeah i agree they look cool too


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  16. Kerry

    I leveled up.

  17. DEA Agent Dahl

    Recruiting for anyone interested in joining the Xbox One based, Drug Enforcement Administration once Police 10-13 comes out. I am looking for anyone that could qualify as an agent or administrator. Thanks! 

  18. Officer_Caleb

    That moment when you realize the First test for the EMT Course is 100 Questions. XD

  19. Kerry

    Finally, I'm back online.



  20. Officer_Caleb

    Hello Police 10-13 Community! If you are a Designer and Interested in doing so Patch and Design stuff, Please feel free to Contact me on the Forums and would love to tell you What I need help with. Thanks, Officer_Caleb. :)

  21. PatrickNL

    Calm and refreshed.

  22. Lieutenant Colombo

    I wanted to give my big THANK YOUs, to everyone that has lead me to 100 Likes! It might not seem like much, but it is certainly a milestone to me! ;)

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Glad to help you get there. ;)

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  23. PatrolOfficer

    Excited for Alpha! 

  24. Capital

    My heart goes-out to those in Brussels after what happed just a few hours ago.