Status Updates

  1. Officer_Caleb

    That moment when you realize the First test for the EMT Course is 100 Questions. XD

  2. Kerry

    Finally, I'm back online.



  3. Officer_Caleb

    Hello Police 10-13 Community! If you are a Designer and Interested in doing so Patch and Design stuff, Please feel free to Contact me on the Forums and would love to tell you What I need help with. Thanks, Officer_Caleb. :)

  4. PatrickNL

    Calm and refreshed.

  5. Lieutenant Colombo

    I wanted to give my big THANK YOUs, to everyone that has lead me to 100 Likes! It might not seem like much, but it is certainly a milestone to me! ;)

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Glad to help you get there. ;)

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  6. PatrolOfficer

    Excited for Alpha! 

  7. Capital

    My heart goes-out to those in Brussels after what happed just a few hours ago.

  8. 1 Lincoln 1099

    Whhhhoooopppp Whhhhoooopppp dats da sound of da police Whhhhoooopppp Whhhhoooopppp 

  9. Karma

    Officer Nathan Taylor, thank you for your service. End Of Watch 03/12/16



    1. gambino

      my hart and prayers go out to him and his family and all who put there lives in harms way to keep us safe

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  10. Jellybean

    The Divergent Series: Allegiant is being released on April 14th in Australia.

    Considering I have watched both of the pre-sequel movies, Divergent and Insurgent 14 times, no I will not be active on the forums on this day.


  11. StanleyM

    New to this forum... I already knew about the game but didn't really join the forum but here I am now. 

  12. Tokimune

    Zootopia was amazing. I love it. Wish I could see it again. :P

  13. MrWussWuss

    LAPD is actively looking for new members to join. Apply today at our website.

  14. Officer_Caleb » Kerry

    Well, I am glad to have found someone who Also Likes Adam-12! :)

    1. Kerry

      Yup! I've watched every episode on Netflix, and I still go back to rewatch it. I also watch Emergency some times, but Adam-12 is much better. :D

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    2. Officer_Caleb

      I wis they didn't take Adam-12 off of Netflix. I watch Emergency, Adam-12, Dragnet, and Quincy M.E. Also. :)

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    3. Kerry

      They took Adam-12 off of Netflix!?! 

      Then again, I haven't seen it since 2015. :/

      I watched a bit of Dragnet, though Jack Webb's smoky voice can get a bit annoying sometimes.

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  15. PristineAccuracy™

    The Police 10-13 Playstation 4 fan community has finally hit 100 members. This is a great milestone for the smaller fan community. Hope we can eventually get enough people on board to help with the forums. :)

  16. SmartCarMan12


  17. gambino

    to all my fellow officer's looking forward to keeping the metro city safe with you guys hopefully soon we will all be on patrol

  18. thecheater887 » Burner



    Would you mind explaining he decision to move my thread about database-style living gameplay form suggestions to off topic?


    I don't understand why it was done since it was, after all, a suggestion..



    1. Burner

      Hey there,

      game content didn't fit the suggestions category, one of the administrators gave me clearance to move it.

      Best regards.

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  19. Lieutenant Colombo

    Big about me profile update!

  20. Officer_Caleb

    Today Officer Jason Moszer was Laid to Rest. He was Killed in the Line of duty by a Gunman while setting up a Perimeter at the incident. He was a Armed Forces Member and served 2 Tours of Duty. He served with the Fargo, ND. Police Department for 6 Years before being Killed in the Line of Duty. He was Given full Military and Police Honors. EOW: Feb. 11, 2016 at: 12:42 PM. May he find rest in God our Savior.

  21. Matt Norman

    Please spread the word about Project Blue line.

    1. Officer Kellrose1

      Will try! Only if we can get Jeff to spread the word!


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  22. Capital

    Proudly donated $50 to Police 10-13 BLUELINE!

    Can't wait to see the game out!

  23. Officer_Caleb

    I would Like to say Really Love the new Design of the Website. Great job Developers. :P

  24. Jakenack1013 » Matt Norman

    Hey I have a question your making the pc version first ???when and if you make console version after pc how does that work do you have to make it all over from scratch or do you just transport everything from pc onto console game with a few different things ???