Status Updates

  1. TheDman131

    hey guys im back in action just got a new laptop and now I'm ready for anything

    1. Guest

      Welcome bk

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    2. Skippy

      Cool! Welcome back!

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    1. Guest

      Looking epic, great job

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    2. Trust37

      Thank you!

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    3. Skippy

      Good job man!

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  2. Hollistupid

    If you're in a good GTA 4 roleplay clan (NOT RCMP) pm me info

    1. Skippy

      How could you not dance with that music?

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    2. N8wach3

      The bright side of police officers live :)

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  3. Dominik

    Saw a motorcycle crash right in front of me dam ladys luck to be alive...

  4. Trust37

    Thank you very much for the award :)

  5. N8wach3

    All Screenshots in one video

  6. TheDman131

    thank you guys for the award I really appreciate it But I wish there was something I could do to help

    1. Skippy

      The best thing we can do right now is to keep the support up and to keep building the community. Also congratulations!

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    2. TheDman131

      I just wish there was some way I could help with development or something the best thing I can think of is if this community hosts a game night or something.

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  7. Trust37

    Thank you very much for my award! :D

    1. Skippy

      Congratulations man!

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  8. bryon123456789

    Passed the physical/written test for the local PD. Got an interview next week!

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    2. Trust37

      Very Good!

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    3. bryon123456789

      Thanks guys. Got kidney stones after the test haha.

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    4. Skippy

      Hope you get better soon!

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  9. azgoodaz

    Be sure to subscribe to the Police 10-13 subreddit page, info is located here:

  10. Trust37 » Guest

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Guest » C5

    Teamspeak will pick up again soon don't worry :)

  12. N8wach3

    Germany, the new World Cup champions! I'm happy :)

    1. Houston

      Was a close game

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    2. Skippy

      Damn you Argentina! Damn you!

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  13. Hollistupid

    So no one wants to join, whateves

    1. Trust37

      Don't worry mate. The time will come where you find some peoples for your clan.

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    2. Guest

      The time will come like Trust said, but you can also look into joining a clan.

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  14. Trust37

    I work on a new website. I hope it will blow you away :D

  15. Davinci

    Just another guy looking to help make this game the best!

  16. Davinci

    F is for FHRITP

  17. N8wach3

    BRA 1 - 7 GER FINALE, OH OH!

    1. Ossified

      Yeah that was a really rough game to watch, and really sad too!

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