Status Updates

  1. Ace

    A Police K-9 in my city was rear-ended by a texting driver. The K-9 is reportedly a little sore but recuperating.

    1. camiel221

      bloody texters. they should increase the fine for texting and driving by 10 times if you ask me. so dangerous... 

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    2. Officer_Caleb

      Good that the  Dog and Handler is Ok. 

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    3. gambino

      i think those who text and drive should get jail time and a stiff fine

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  2. camiel221

    new to the forums, you will see me around more. Good luck on making this amazing guys keep up to good work :)

    1. megakillen13

      Welcome! Glad to see you around.

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  3. Lieutenant Colombo

    It might seem like a small milestone for most but for me its really special! So thank you everyone for 50 likes! I am happy that I have created topics, posts, that people have enjoyed and becoming a familiar face to some on the chat box, as my hero, also very happy to inspire some to watch the show ;) Once again thank you, and hopefully as this year progresses ill be giving back with a LSPDFR series once my new PC is built (takes time to save up he he) Thank you! ;)

    1. camiel221

      congratz colombo :)

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      Thank you sir ;)

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  4. Lieutenant Colombo

    Valentines day.. Atm, I really couldn't care, he he, Single here *hand up* In character, me and my wife will be enjoying the day! Unless someone ruins it by picking that day to commit homicide.. (I can see it happening) No the real reason why I am excited for valentines day, Walking dead returns!

    1. Ace

      I thought valentines was next week

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      It is sir. :)

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  5. echo 25

    I have a nice clan open for all ages! Come join!

  6. OfficerTony

    Check out my new clan!

  7. Karma

    Here is a BO3 Version of my other banner



  8. Tokimune

    A Finnish Police officer was assaulted in a prison in Helsinki. He is fighting for his life.

    It all started when the police officer was going to question the prisoner, the guard led them to the interrogation room. After the guard left the room, the prisoner somehow got his hands to chair leg and hit the police officer. He kept hitting the police officer in rage for 15 minutes until the officer was able to hit the alarm button that was somewhere on the floor/ground level in the wall. All the officer was able to do to defend himself was to cover himself with his hands. Most of the hits hit the officers head.


    After 15 minutes, the guards came and took the prisoner away. '


    I hope the officer will be alright.

    1. Officer_Caleb

      We certainly hope the Officer is Ok. My thoughts are with the family of the Officer. It is never good when this Happens.

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  9. Kdog1013

    Everyone have a good day drive safe 

  10. Karma

    If someone wants a new twitter banner MSG me!



    1. WNxArcticwolf

      do you do youtube  channel banners?

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    2. Karma


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  11. Karma

    Ill have a new video up soon!

  12. Matt Norman

    Developer Diary 8 is now out

    1. Connor B.

      Fantastic work. Very proud!

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  13. Virzza

    Hey everybody, what's up?

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    2. Steele1925

      Struggling to get my notifications working properly. I have 7, yet I can't view them lol. Yourself?

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    3. Virzza

      @Steele1925 Working on a LSPD LSSD pack that I am going to release soon!

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    4. Steele1925


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  14. Officer_Caleb » Lieutenant Colombo

    Just wanted to say Lt.Colombo, That you have peaked my Interest in the TV show and I am going to start watching it. :P

    1. Lieutenant Colombo

      Fantastic Mr.Caleb, You shall not be disappointed in the amazing character that Peter Falk created, over the many decades. I am glad I gave you interest in the show ;)

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  15. Scotsman

    Anybody know what happened to Tacti-Cool? His account has disappeared? 

    1. n3o

      He left due to personal reasons. His account was deleted.

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  16. Officer Kellrose1

    50 Likes :D Thats A milestone to remember. 

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      I wish you my best congratulations sir! I respect the contributions you have made to this fantastic community! Thank you sir! ;)

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    3. Jellybean

      You deserve it mate. Well done.

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    4. Officer Kellrose1

      Thank, you :D

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  17. juliushelms2008

    Working on my PS4 and trying to get a gaming pc before this comes out. 

  18. Lieutenant Colombo

    Profile update! New Profile pic and cover background for my page, for the new year.. ;)


    1. Officer Kellrose1

      Nice, Love it!

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      Thank you very much Mr.Kellrose!


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    3. Officer Kellrose1

      Np :D

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  19. rg0700

    Currently figuring out options for a gaming computer since this game is going to be HUGE.

    1. megakillen13

      What kinda price range are you in? I recently ordered a new PC myself. Maybe I can help you with something if you need it.

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  20. Matt Norman

    Teamspeak now has a music chill out area. Come chill!

    1. jonathan0220

      Thanks its working out great.

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  21. Ace

    Had a blast volunteering with Crime Stoppers today 

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Always a Good thing to do.

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  22. DaOneWhoPwnsHard

    Waiting anxiously for the highest gaming world miracle: 'Police 10-13' <3

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Yes. Very much so DaOneWhoPwnsHard. :D

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  23. Officer_Caleb

    Hello Police1013 Members and Community! I wanted to say that i know there are many Clans to choose From. If you are looking for a Active, Mature, and Professional clan the Canadian Police gaming Clan ( We have our Very Active Hangouts group, and many things to offer our Members. So stop by Check us out. From: Officer_Caleb, Director, ECC. :D

    1. Officer_Caleb

      I forgot to put the the CPGC is the place for you. Lol.


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  24. Ace

     ‪#‎RCMP‬ have arrested a male at ‪#‎YVR‬ after he threatened a flight crew on a westjet flight. Male had to be restrained mid flight.

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Interesting Stuff. 

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