Status Updates

  1. Matt Norman

    The business side of Police1013 is taking off. Looking forward to more great stuff coming soon.

    1. Skippy

      Good luck!

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  2. Inspector Scorpia

    I'm planning on starting a Canadian Police Clan, so if anyone is interested, let me know!

  3. TheDman131

    god bless all the hard working developers for helping bring a game that almost every one has dreamed about, Game on guys

    1. Matt Norman

      thanks for the ongoing support.

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  4. Corporal Brady

    Relaxing on my day off. Playing DC Universe Online on PS4.

  5. lcsoman0117

    Who's ready for 10-13?? :D

    1. SergeantInterceptorMan


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  6. Home Run

    Seen some pics on Twitter. They look amazing!

  7. Guest » Guest

    Chicago Police Clan - Superintendent

  8. TheDman131

    computer is gone using my wiiu to browse the site I dont know when I'll get my pc fixed

  9. jordan

    i just created an account and need to talk to some friends

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    2. bryon123456789

      Welcome Jordan!

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    3. Skippy

      Hello, hope you enjoy your time here.

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  10. iTItan

    "the CPD Training Command has decided to put you as the SWAT Training Director", k.

    1. CPDJReed

      Good Luck :)

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  11. SmartStormtrooper24

    This game is gonna be awesome i appreciate the people working on it they are doing a very good job!

  12. Skippy

    Just got back from a trip to Amsterdam, thats why i have been less active.

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    2. Ossified

      Welcome back Skippy! Thought the forums have seemed pretty quiet recently ;)

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    3. Skippy

      Lets change that!

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    4. megakillen13

      I'm glad that you're back and all, but why would you leave us in the first place...? How could you ever leave this?!

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  13. Coolman19990

    I cant wait untill this goes live and I get to play!

  14. TheDman131

    I love the new changes made to the site its soo professional looking now!

  15. Game Warden

    Someone hacked my Youtube and closed it :/

    1. Hollistupid

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  16. Matt Norman

    Join us on

  17. Ossified

    Just hit our 1000th member on the forums. We love you all <3

    1. GSP RIOT

      ^ haha

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    2. Matt Norman

      Well done to all.

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  18. Brunlea

    Police 1013 and water and I can live forever!

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    2. Skippy

      And... you know food.

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    3. Christian Arispe

      Is this game available yet if so how do I get it and if not then when does it come out?

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  19. Dino66*


  20. Tokimune

    Waiting for Animecon and the relase of Police 10-13

    1. Tokimune

      Animecon is actually gone now. Just posted this to make this clear. :b

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  21. GSP RIOT

    It's almost my Birthday!!!!

    1. Erkuspwn

      When? Mine is on the 20th!

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    2. Skippy

      Almost happy birthday?

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    3. Scotsman

      Happy birthday... if today?

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  22. PatrickNL

    Catching a donut

  23. Home Run

    Bored. Eh...

  24. jayblank4784

    As this past week has been a tough one in the world of LEO's, I ask that when this post is read you take a moment of silence to remember those Officers of Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and RCMP who gave their lives so that others may stay safe. God bless there families and may they rest easy knowing LEO's everywhere will have their watch from here.

    1. Ossified

      Thank you for your kind comment, jayblank.

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    2. jayblank4784

      You know, this actually brings up an idea for in-game. How about a Billboard across from the police station that is updated off the webpage with a list of recently fallen officers. I don't know if this is feasible, but would be an awesome tribute/way to remember those officers.

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    3. hien3481

      Jay, that is a great idea. This is a great way to remember the fallen! Maybe even a small donation to ODMP with the purchase of the game.

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