Status Updates

  1. Davinci

    Just another guy looking to help make this game the best!

  2. Davinci

    F is for FHRITP

  3. N8wach3

    BRA 1 - 7 GER FINALE, OH OH!

    1. Ossified

      Yeah that was a really rough game to watch, and really sad too!

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  4. Matt Norman

    The business side of Police1013 is taking off. Looking forward to more great stuff coming soon.

    1. Skippy

      Good luck!

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  5. Inspector Scorpia

    I'm planning on starting a Canadian Police Clan, so if anyone is interested, let me know!

  6. TheDman131

    god bless all the hard working developers for helping bring a game that almost every one has dreamed about, Game on guys

    1. Matt Norman

      thanks for the ongoing support.

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  7. Corporal Brady

    Relaxing on my day off. Playing DC Universe Online on PS4.

  8. lcsoman0117

    Who's ready for 10-13?? :D

    1. SergeantInterceptorMan


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  9. Home Run

    Seen some pics on Twitter. They look amazing!

  10. Guest » Guest

    Chicago Police Clan - Superintendent

  11. TheDman131

    computer is gone using my wiiu to browse the site I dont know when I'll get my pc fixed

  12. jordan

    i just created an account and need to talk to some friends

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    2. bryon123456789

      Welcome Jordan!

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    3. Skippy

      Hello, hope you enjoy your time here.

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  13. iTItan

    "the CPD Training Command has decided to put you as the SWAT Training Director", k.

    1. CPDJReed

      Good Luck :)

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  14. SmartStormtrooper24

    This game is gonna be awesome i appreciate the people working on it they are doing a very good job!

  15. Skippy

    Just got back from a trip to Amsterdam, thats why i have been less active.

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    2. Ossified

      Welcome back Skippy! Thought the forums have seemed pretty quiet recently ;)

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    3. Skippy

      Lets change that!

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    4. megakillen13

      I'm glad that you're back and all, but why would you leave us in the first place...? How could you ever leave this?!

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  16. Coolman19990

    I cant wait untill this goes live and I get to play!

  17. TheDman131

    I love the new changes made to the site its soo professional looking now!

  18. Game Warden

    Someone hacked my Youtube and closed it :/

    1. Hollistupid

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  19. Matt Norman

    Join us on

  20. Ossified

    Just hit our 1000th member on the forums. We love you all <3

    1. GSP RIOT

      ^ haha

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    2. Matt Norman

      Well done to all.

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  21. Brunlea

    Police 1013 and water and I can live forever!

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    2. Skippy

      And... you know food.

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    3. Christian Arispe

      Is this game available yet if so how do I get it and if not then when does it come out?

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  22. Dino66*


  23. Tokimune

    Waiting for Animecon and the relase of Police 10-13

    1. Tokimune

      Animecon is actually gone now. Just posted this to make this clear. :b

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