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    It's almost my Birthday!!!!

    1. Erkuspwn

      When? Mine is on the 20th!

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    2. Skippy

      Almost happy birthday?

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    3. Scotsman

      Happy birthday... if today?

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  2. PatrickNL

    Catching a donut

  3. Home Run

    Bored. Eh...

  4. jayblank4784

    As this past week has been a tough one in the world of LEO's, I ask that when this post is read you take a moment of silence to remember those Officers of Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and RCMP who gave their lives so that others may stay safe. God bless there families and may they rest easy knowing LEO's everywhere will have their watch from here.

    1. Ossified

      Thank you for your kind comment, jayblank.

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    2. jayblank4784

      You know, this actually brings up an idea for in-game. How about a Billboard across from the police station that is updated off the webpage with a list of recently fallen officers. I don't know if this is feasible, but would be an awesome tribute/way to remember those officers.

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    3. hien3481

      Jay, that is a great idea. This is a great way to remember the fallen! Maybe even a small donation to ODMP with the purchase of the game.

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  5. Matt Norman

    Starting work on the CITY!! Look forward to building this great landscape

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    2. specter14

      good luck

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    3. SergeantInterceptorMan

      I can't wait! Best of luck.

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    4. n3o

      Body is ready.

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    1. GSP RIOT


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  7. Dino66*

    Teaser video almost out!

  8. azgoodaz

    Ugh... teaser got deplayed for 12 hours.

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    2. azgoodaz

      On the steam greenlight page under news or here:

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    3. Ossified

      Yup, stay tuned!

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    4. Ossified

      Also - Thank you for your patience!

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  9. azgoodaz

    :P its 6/9/14, where is the trailer. :D lol

  10. spencer7070

    Colorado State Patrol is up and running! Check us out

  11. spencer7070

    Can't wait for this trailer!

  12. azgoodaz

    I cant wait to play this game on PC and Xbox One. I hope at 2015 E3, we can see a preview or a live demo of it. :)

  13. Broskihall28

    Cant wait to play this game

  14. Broskihall28

    Playing this game

  15. Matt Norman

    Teaser video almost complete

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    2. MrGalaxy

      shut up and take my money!!!!

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    3. TheDman131


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    4. Skippy

      Stop teasing me man!

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  16. TheDman131

    when the going gets tough the tough get going!

  17. Dino66*

    Stay safe or get the Dino!

  18. LutherAvignon1

    Excited about Police 10-13! :)))

  19. BlackEagle

    Police 1013 GREENLIGHTED !!!

  20. megakillen13

    Rikspolisen rekryterar för fullt!

  21. DefCon5

    Get in and get some!

  22. TheNeiX » Carson525

    Congratulations :)

  23. No Name Jenkins

    I fought the law and the law won!

  24. Rebel_Pig

    Cant wait for 10-13 to be released!

    1. Whitestone

      True that!

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