Status Updates

  1. Ethan » Matt Norman

    Hey mate, I tried to PM you, tho they're disabled for your profile. I was looking to reply to your thread regarding device integration but it's locked. I was just wondering if it was intentional or force of habit. I just wanted to add a part about the iPhone/iPad integration. You could also design the app to be in control of switches in patrol cars, without having to loose the fun of the roleplay by using hotkeys.

  2. Lionheart

    Our Freedom Ends Where Another's Begins.

  3. QuonteBlair

    This game will be awesome needs to hurry and realese

  4. Matt Norman

    CryEngine now delivers the best game we can make..

  5. Ethan

    Looking forward to Police 10-13!

  6. jackindahat

    Forums back up, yay!

  7. Matt Norman

    Police 10-13 starts a new chapter toward release.