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    0 followers seems legit. 

    1. megakillen13

      Well, you have a total of 4 posts, you're not very well known. You should try and be a bit more active and they'll start coming eventually. ;)

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    2. Officer_Caleb

      Lol. ;P

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  2. Tokimune

    Year 2016 has started great fir Finland. Finland won the Junior Ice Hockey World Championship! They did great and worked hard for it. SUOMI PERKELE!


    Of course Sweden and other countries did their best.


    Finland won both our west-and east neighbours.

  3. Officer_Caleb

    Somedays I wish I had the Ability and passion to Design things, One think I know I am good at is being a Leader. Where to put my Skills are a Great Question. :)

  4. Lieutenant Colombo

    I have indeed been inactive over the holidays, But I am wishing you a very Happy New year! And I hope you all had a great Christmas! If you are an officer, dispatcher, firefighter, paramedic, or anyone in the emergency services that had to work on these holiday days, and evenings, I deeply thank and respect your service!

    I shall be coming back more often now! ;)

  5. Tokimune

    Happy new year!

    1. Lieutenant Colombo

      Happy New Year! Sir Toki!

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    2. Tokimune

      Thanks Colombo! :D

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  6. iTItan » Larry

    from LP to this


    @Tacti-Cool Is that you in the background? (Near the front of the car) lol.

  8. Tokimune

    Probably gunna do an LSPDFR video as soon as GTA V has re-installed.

  9. rg0700

    I have two YouTube videos uploaded about my Police 10-13 clan.

    Give them a watch!



  10. AlphaK

    4 dead in Texas tornado :(

    1. Tokimune


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  11. Tokimune

    Saw the new Start Wars movie and it was awesome! :D

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    2. Tokimune

      Yup. And I believe that there will be another one coming, due how this one ended.

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    3. AlphaK

      -- SPOILER ALERT -- 




      Yeah it will probably Luke training Rey and starting a new Jedi Order.

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    4. Tokimune


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  12. Tokimune

    Changed to Widows 10, and can't say it's bad. It's great!

  13. Scotsman

    Can't believe how quick the past year has been. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the P1013 team and everyone on the forum! Hope you all have a brilliant 2016. 

    "The thing about Christmas and New Year is that it almost doesn't matter what mood you're in or what kind of a year you've had - it's a fresh start."

  14. Officer Benjamin

    A merry, merry christmas to all those 10-13 friends and your families out there! And remember, Have a happy new year to!

  15. Tokimune

    Happy holidays! I'm gunna sleep til 12PM so I don't have to wait for my Computer parts for long. :3

  16. Officer_Caleb

    Merry Christmas Police 10-13!!! IT has been a Awesome Year with you guys. I hope and Pray everyone has a Safe and happy Holidays. :P

  17. Connor B.

    merry Christmas to all of 10-13 community, stay safe over the holidays! Chat to you all next year, gonna enjoy holidays. Matt done well this year should be proud of ya self, I am for sure. Good luck with your future endeavours!!

    1. Steele1925

      Thanks, and a Merry Christmas to you too Connor.

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  18. Officer_Caleb

    If anyone on the Forums wants a Great Minecraft server with Awesome Staff, Great Community, and Ver mature. Let me Know. I would love to play with you onMineCraft. :P

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Also the Server is Mature Meaning: No Swearing. Most Profanity is not Tolerated in Public Chat and if in PM you could be Reported via our Forums also for Private Messaging-Swearing. :)

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    2. Iceman 918

      IF you have the Xbox One, I think you would be incredibly impressed with the community we've begun construction on. I run San Andreas State Role Play ( and have comprised a moderately sized team of like minded individuals that role play the hell outta GTA V but also have helped me create a very impressive "state" in Mincecraft. Let me know, we'd be glad to have you.

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    3. Officer_Caleb

      I don't have Xbox One or GTA 5. I don't play GTA because of the rating. I am very impressed with the LSPDRF community they have done a Awesome Job with the Modding. Thank-You for the Invite tho. :)

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  19. Tokimune

    8th grade... You start thinking how will 9th grade be. Maybe not that bad. But then you get to know that your school will be shut down after you finish 8th grade.

    You start thinking: "What if my friends will be on other classes? What if all my friends go to a different school? What if bullies come to the same class as I do? Why haven't I asked that girl out yet, soon it will be too late."

    Next day you ask your friends that will they go to the same school as you. Almost everyone says "no". Others move to another city, others just don't come to the same school.

    Then you start thinking: "Is this how this goes?"

    No good friends at the new school, a bigger school, more bullies and all that.



    But still, this all will be worth it for later on. 

    The school where I will be changing will be worse.

    The city was supposed to save 10 million €, but, they decided to build two, small schools for 27 million €, which will be twice smaller than our school combined. It would have costed 10m € to repair our school, but they had to save money. For what? To build 2 maller schools which will still be smaller if combined. And the funny thing is that the schools will be 3-4KM away from eachother... Welcome to Finland


    And getting new friends in Finnish schools is hard, since almost everyone is "swag" and "tough".


    But it all will be worth it.

    A long post, but hey, who cares?


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    2. Tokimune

      Well, maybe it will not be so bad.

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    3. schultz

      I think it can be pretty good to switch school to get some new friends and whatever. 3-5km is not bad my schools is ca 10m to a elementary school and 500m to a university.

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  20. PatrickNL

    Checking out the forum after long time.

  21. megakillen13 » Guest

    Still you on the profile picture? Lookin good! Love the chestplate. :D

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    2. Tokimune

      Awesome work!

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    3. echo 25

      Nice costume!

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  22. Officer_Caleb

    If anyone was Curious, My profile Picture is what Clone Medics where on there Shoulder patch on there Armor. :)

    1. PristineAccuracy™

      That's cool! Nice to see a sub on the forums.

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  23. Officer_Caleb

    Love the New posters for Police 10-13 they look amazing!! Great Job and keep it up. :)