Status Updates

  1. Scotsman

    A Prison Break renewal has been confirmed and should be airing sometime in 2016! Can't believe it! Been waiting for this for so long xD

  2. Karma

    The CHP clan website has been COMPLETELY revamped! Go check it out!!

  3. Shervin "Enforcer" Jabez

    I am back. I forgot about P10-13 forums for a while, but remembered it!

  4. Steele1925

    It's been 1 month since I quit smoking. I can honestly say, I'm happy with my decision ;)

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    2. joe_trev

      Congrats! Only thing is it will take 20 years to fully recover from smoking :P

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    3. Steele1925

      I can't undue the damage done Joe. After 21 years (yeah I started young) of being a smoker, all I can do is be certain that I don't do any more damage. Though I must say I do feel much better. I don't wake up coughing anymore, and my sense of taste and smell are MUCH better. I'm in love with coffee now more than ever. If you don't smoke now, DON'T. It wasn't easy to quit. It took at least 20,000 tries over the years.

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  5. Capital

    The APGC is currently Recruiting!

    Interested in realistic law enforcement simulation? Consider saying "Hi" to us on our TS3!

  6. cityboy1194

    please message me for more details! cityboy1194 is my xbox gamertagThe San Andreas State Role Play (SASRP) community is comprised of only the most dedicated and enthusiastic players and as such we host RP's at least 1-3 times a week with a variety of training, team building, and alternative events (Gumball Rallies, Car Shows, Cruises, etc) sporadically scheduled in between!

    1. Officer Kellrose1

      No advertising..

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  7. rg0700

    Wow I haven't been on for a while.

    Hope to see if anything new was posted.

    1. Karma

      Welcome back!

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  8. joe_trev

    For one mission bombing Syria (UK) its costs £508,000, which can get: 20 Paramedics, 20 Police Officers, 20 Teachers, 19 Nurses, 18 Firefighters and 18 Junior Doctors for ONE mission. Its Crazy!

    1. megakillen13

      Which can get those people for how long? They're not a one time purchase. :P

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    2. Scotsman

      Absolutely opposed to these bombings and even more Western involvement in the ME. You cannot bomb an ideology; radical action is needed to defeat a radical problem. None of our leaders have the balls to stand up to the problem, except those that are ostracized and called a love, xenophobic or some other idiotic term that those on the Left tend to bring up to silence anyone that has some common sense and wants to protect themselves and their society. 

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  9. Officer Kellrose1

    Welcome Back Calder! 

  10. Calder

    Hey guys! It's been awhile. I am very excited to see the new developments.

    1. megakillen13

      Welcome back, Calder1

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    2. Tokimune

      Welcome back!

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    3. Officer Kellrose1

      Welcome Back! I missed you C:

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  11. joe_trev

    I asked Jeff F about opinions on 10-13. He said this: "I reserve judgement til it is an actual game". Not that bad then.

    1. WNxArcticwolf

      thats how it should be.

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    2. Officer_Caleb

      Good that he Did. I tried to find his Video "Disrespecting" Police1013 but I couldn't. I think the LCPDFR/LSPDFR Community is scared we are taking over there "Terf" :)

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  12. police guy

    Going to get the PS4 version.

    1. echo 25

      Same here! What's your PSN? P.S I am 11 so it's not that creepy.

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  13. cityboy1194

    Attention! please if you are looking for a fun but realistic game to play, please contact me by my xbox one gamer tag: cityboy1194 if you are looking to be in a very exciting clan that involves, police,fire/ems/civilians and the sub divisions within those.

  14. Officer Kellrose1

    Sorry I been inactive!!!! I was so busy with thanksgiving and my moms funeral! BTW happy late Thanksgiving...

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    2. police guy

      Nice moral! (: Must be a hard time for you Kellrose? But stick to that moral mate! (:

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    3. Officer Kellrose1

      Tbh, Im Not Sad. He doing Well Its christmas Heck, Im out of School Which Makes It 10 times better. Im Happy Doing fine, Me And My friends Son Aren't close, So its not to bad Of a Scare Just Fell bad for him. Just In Case you think Im Grown Im only 12 My mom and Dad Is her friend So Am I C: Ty! for Supporting me.

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    4. police guy

      Ok, good to hear. :p

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  15. Lieutenant Colombo

    Cant wait for LSPDFR 0.3! I am also custom building a new PC, soon, your probably thinking, "OMG? Columbo knows about custom building PCs?" Well, we all have to evolve at some point.. ;) But I'm always going to carry a pencil and notebook to make notes, not using this tablet with Memo on it rubbish, ;) Those are my random thoughts and events atm, and happy thanks giving to my great American friends in the USA!

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    2. Special Agent Coulter

      What's your budget? I'll set up a part list

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    3. megakillen13

      My friend set this up for me, can you guys tell me if it's any good? I have a budget of around 800 euros.

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    4. schultz

      It looks pretty good, you could look into the 380 and depending on how tight your budget a SSD.

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  16. Tokimune

    Now there are three Finns on the forums. Interesting... We will take over! lol, jk

  17. Officer_Caleb

    Learned about the "70 maxims" today from someone and i like this one: "Close Air Support covers a Multitude of Sins". I  just wanted to share that one with you guys. :)

  18. joe_trev

    Can you join the CDB with no 3D modelling experience?

    1. echo 25

      Does making a small game on scratch (a coding website) count as experience

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  19. Whitestone » Ossified

    What part of NC do ya live in? I live in NC too! 

  20. Karma

    Just booted up GTA V for the first time!!! Its beautiful!!

  21. joe_trev

    One thing I learnt today: Never disobey speed limits in Train Simulator. 140 mph is way to fast for a 40 mph!

  22. echo 25

    Changed signature...

  23. Officer Kellrose1

    CONGRATS To tacti on his 1000 likes...

  24. Connor B.

    Yes It hasn't been long only a few days since I would dissapear for a time. However I made a plan and check the forums and greet you lovely people occasionally. If you see I'm on I might drop in and chat. But yeah I'll be on much longer when everything is calm.


    1. Officer Kellrose1

      Yeah! :D

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  25. Karma

    LSPDFR videos will be put on hold due to ROCKSTAR's horrible download servers. I really wish I had just bought it through steam. :(