Status Updates

  1. Karma

    LSPDFR videos will be put on hold due to ROCKSTAR's horrible download servers. I really wish I had just bought it through steam. :(

  2. Karma

    Recording will start tomorrow and uploads will start after thanksgiving week!!!


  3. Karma

    Just bought GTA V!!!!!! LSPDFR videos will be coming soon!!!

  4. Karma

    Should I make some LCPDFR videos? (when I get GTA V ill do LSPDFR videos)


    1. Firefly

      Yes please, I want to see some good policing for once, not saying that you have to but would like to see a legit patrol. In which I have not seen hardly ever when it comes to watching LC and LSPDFR.

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    2. Karma

      LSPDFR videos will be put on hold since I have to wait for a new version of RAGE Hook to be released.

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  5. King of BiH

    Dude's filming got nothing better to do then harass the Police lol i like this video #MPD


    1. Officer_Caleb

      So true. 

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  6. Karma

    Tested out an AMD card today. It was alright but I think am going to still with NVIDIA.

    1. Scotsman

      Good decision! :P Can't complain about AMD cards to be fair, it does what it needs to do and for cheap compared to NVIDIA. However, if you have the $$$ stick with NVIDIA. 

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    2. Karma

      Yea, ima just stick with NVIDIA lol

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    3. schultz

      I see no reason to pay more for less performance, I have mostly owned AMD but if I would get better performance from a Nvidia I would go for that.

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  7. OfficerBishop

    Any good Xbox One clans?

  8. Officer Kellrose1

    Hey, guys I have some bad news... My dad's mom is dieing She was found in her room unresponsive she was cold with her mouth open. I'm very sad right now! She is at the hospital right now, I Ask for your guys prayers. Thank you


    God Bless! 

    ~Officer Kellrose1

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    2. Karma

      Any time man

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    3. joel-6

      Very sorry to hear that. My condolences. Prayers go out to you and your family

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    4. ShadyCB

      I'm sorry for your loss! :( may God rest her soul. If you would like to talk to someone or anything, send me a message. I'm always here. :)

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  9. joe_trev

    Paris attack: All wishes goes to friends and family of the deceased (127 at this time) and more to come with 100 injured.


    Terrible news coming out of Paris, France. My condolences to the families of the deceased and injured. I hope this ends soon and that everyone involved gets home safe.

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Yes. Hopefully Lots of Lives where saved with the Intervention from the Paris Police.

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  11. Karma

    My new video is up!!!


  12. Officer_Caleb

    Hopefully Waiting to see if the Possibility of getting Police 1013, For Macs. Totally Hoping and Praying that it Happens. Keep on Doing you best Wingman, Keep on Doing!!! :)

  13. Officer_Caleb

    First Snowfall of the Year!!! Had some awesome weather Reporting this Morning. Let me know if you all Got any Snow?? :)

    1. megakillen13

      North Dakota gets snow before Sweden...? That's not fair!


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    2. Officer_Caleb

      Yes!! I wil. XD.


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  14. Haze_Hog

    17 Year Law Enforcer here. This game looks so promising. I'm looking forward to following its development!

    1. Karma


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  15. Tokimune

    Now every department of Finnish Emergency services is taking on the break workout challenge...

  16. Evan Lindberg

    I've changed my Profile and Background picture, if there is something wrong with it I would be happy to know!


    -Signed 9/11/2015

    1. MrWussWuss


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    2. Evan Lindberg

      Illuminati Confirmed!

      MLG Hit, Explosions and Micheal Bay

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  17. Tokimune

    Finnish police break workout challenge is getting hilarious. This is how they do it in my hometown:

    *If you don't understand it, it might be because you're not a Finn*


    1. megakillen13

      I love videos of cops (and other professions for that matter) acting like five year olds, it shows that they're human just like the rest of us. :P

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    2. Scotsman

      Some say that Scots are close to being Scandinavian enough to understand the humour of you lot, Tokimune :) Can't say that I disagree with that statement! That was hilarious and no doubt you've got people complaining about it already of them not doing their job and just messing around. They're only human as Megakillen said! 

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  18. thecheater887

    No offense intended .-.CajsrMZ.jpg

    1. Officer_Caleb

      That is Really really funny. :)

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  19. Tokimune

    If you want to add me on Steam, go ahead. My current Steam name is [VL] Victor

  20. Tokimune

    I have been a member on the forums for one year and five months. 

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    2. Tokimune

      Hod on, hold on, you have 7 accounts? Why?

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    3. Officer_Caleb

      That is great. :)

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    4. Lieutenant Colombo

      Its great to have you round! I really do respect you being here Mr.Toki sir!


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  21. King of BiH

    Heavy police presence

    1. megakillen13

      Elaborate, pleasw

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  22. n3o

    What the hell. We have 600+ people on the forums on 10/05/2015 8:14AM? Interesting...

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    2. GreasyBeast

      That was the day when the Developers ranch and models branch was launched, I'm fairly sure.

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    3. n3o

      Nope, just found out it was a ddos attack.

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    4. GreasyBeast


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  23. Evan Lindberg


    I just want to say I;ll be streaming Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition on the PS4!

    My Twitch-ID is going to be EvanLindberg

    Well... ENJOY

  24. Lieutenant Colombo

    One more month, and I would of been a member of the forums for a whole year! I thank everyone who has welcomed me into the forums, and there is a great fan base of people here! Thank you very much!

    Oh and just one more thing, Even though we are nearing the end of the year, no I am not getting a new car or jacket, still plenty of life in those fellas!

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      Thank you very much sir! *lights* I shall be staying for more years to come ;)

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    3. Officer Kellrose1

      Congrats Dude, You Been A great member!

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    4. Lieutenant Colombo

      Thank you very much Mr. Kellrose!

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  25. King of BiH

    Frigid out on Foot Patrol