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  1. Tokimune

    Not so sure should my game be F2P or should it be 20€...

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    2. Karma


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    3. nicedude80

      You have a game?Do you have a website or something?

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    4. Tokimune

      I do not have a website for it yet. And with couple of things, I mean, a lot of things. xD

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  2. Tokimune

    Now there are two Finns on the forums. 

    1. Scotsman

      Who's the other? 

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    2. Tokimune


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  3. AlphaK

    True that

  4. Officer Kellrose1


  5. cityboy1194

    Join SASRP on xbox one! contact myelf on xbox for details. my usernamer is my xbox name!

  6. cityboy1194

    SARSP is recruiting for all positions: Police, Medic/fire, and civilian

  7. fdnymedic

    maybe add hostage and negotiating teams?

  8. The Aston Gamer

    Working on a cop paint job on Forza motorsport 6. Gamer tag is Vortex Ultimate if you want to see them

  9. Tokimune

    Atlanta Emergency Services Clan looking for new members. Especially for Medical Services and Fire Department, but it does not mean you can't join any other department.

  10. MrWussWuss

    California First Responders LAPD is looking for more people to join.

  11. Tokimune

    Discord is amazing

    1. Karma

      lol Yes, it is!!!

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  12. Karma

    If anyone wants to talk you can join my Discord Server:

    1. Officer_Caleb

      Petty good. Can't complain about this week. :)

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  13. Karma

    How was everyones week?

    1. Tokimune

      It was going great until I realized that it was Tuesday. :b

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  14. Lieutenant Colombo

    New profile picture! And making a "About me page" About time isn't it? *puffs* Thanks for visiting!

    1. megakillen13

      Lookin good! :D

      Made mine some time ago. 

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    2. Lieutenant Colombo

      Thank you very much sir! A few things from the scrapbook of pictures in there, ;)

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  15. megakillen13

    A sp00ky Halloween to all of you! Got to see some cute trick or treaters, their faces were painted like ghosts and they were wearing reflective vests to remain visible in the autumn darkness. :D

  16. K9_FANATIC

    Happy Holoween everyone,,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  17. echo 25

    Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. AlphaK

    Happy BDAY OfficerL6!!!

  19. echo 25

    Happy Halloween for tomorrow!

  20. Karma

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY OfficerL6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Scotsman » OfficerL6

    @OfficerL6, Happy Birthday dude! Hope you have a great day! 

  22. Officer Kellrose1


  23. Karma

    How's Everyone doing?

    1. echo 25

      I am doing very moo.

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    2. Scotsman

      Absolutely <3 your username man! Creative thinker you are! xD Rather good man, a day off from work and college so can't complain, how's yourself? 

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    3. Karma

      Im doing great Scotsman, thank you!

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